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Black and grey rose tattoo by Aubrey done at the Skin Museum Tattoo SHop in Milwaukee Wi_e




Tattoo Styles We Provide

The best tattoo artists in the US should adjust to clients’ requests. Perhaps you’ve seen a fantastic tattoo on Ink Master, and you want it on your body. Maybe you have a specific symbol or creature in mind or want traditional body art. Either way, our tattoo artists are ready to honor your demands.

Here’s a brief overview of some tattoo styles we provide:

  • Traditional. It’s the old-school approach and a popular style with previous generations. Bright colors and bold lines are the trademarks of this style.

  • Tribal. These have been around for centuries, and the inspiration comes from African, Asian, and other tribes worldwide. You need to work with the best tattoo artists to capture the elaborate patterns offered by this style well.

  • Black and grey. You can portray almost anything with black color and grey shades. It’s an excellent option for convincing realistic and abstract tattoo designs.

  • Portraits and realistic work. This style includes capturing portraits of persons but also animals and other creatures. Its aim is to capture the targeted person or object realistically.

These are only some styles our artists provide. Others include Japanese, geometric, floral, anime, illustrative, etc. You can check stylists’ portfolios to learn more about their work.

Are you having second thoughts on the right style for you? Then, don’t hesitate to schedule a tattoo consultation and discuss this with a tattoo expert!

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